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Blocked Drains Services in Burwood

Have you noticed unpleasant odours from your drains, gurgling sounds and slow draining sink, showers, baths? These are all signs that your home has blocked drains. A blocked drain occurs when solid material prevents water from flowing through a pipeline. Depending on where the drain is located, the blockage may be caused by a build-up of food scraps, garden debris, lack of pipe maintenance or due to tree root intrusions.

When it comes to responding to blocked drains, CRK Plumbing offer 24/7 fast, same day service. Our team are highly trained to locate, repair and resolve your blocked drain issues in the fastest, most effective and most affordable way possible. We using only the latest and most up to date technologies, including high-pressure water drain cleaners and CCTV cameras to inspect and identity the cause of you blockage, remove and clean all blockages and ensure your plumbing systems are left in proper working order, every job every time.

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We Use The Latest Technology To Clear Blocked Drains

Electric Drain Cleaning Machines

These highly effective machines are commonly used for clearing toilet and sewer drain blockages. The process involves a flexible steel rod with a cutter on the end thats ran by an electric motor, this cuts and removes the obstacles within the drain, powerful enough to cut through inborn tree roots. This process is quick, easy and will have your drains unblocked quickly and efficiently.

Blocked Drains Burwood

High Pressure Water Drain Cleaning

High pressure water drain cleaners work by sending high pressure water through a hose, this is inserted in the blocked drain which cuts out and removes obstacles most commonly found inside a sewer drain. The high pressure water drain cleaners are highly effective and depending on the size and material of the blockage, most commonly used for larger, more serious blockages.

Blocked Drains Burwood

CCTV Sewer Drain Camera

In some cases, the cause of your blocked drain may be tricky to identify or have more than one blockage along the pipeline which may require more work and more money than initially anticipated. This is where a CCTV sewer drain camera helps, our CCTV sewer drain cameras can pinpoint where there may be a misaligned pipe, broken pipe, root mass or other foreign obstacle in the drain, allowing us to correctly identify and localise the blockage, guaranteeing we fix your blocked drain first time, every time.

Blocked Drains Burwood


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