blocked drain in Burwood

Sometimes, it’s hard to work out if your drains are blocked. Drainage issues are a common problem there are a number of reasons why this happens. Blockages generally build up slowly over time, early detection is critical. This will ensure the blockage doesn’t become worse, and that you don’t end up in a messy and costly situation. Here are some common warning signs that you have a blocked drain in Burwood.

Finding out why and where you drain is blocked, can help to find out what to do next.

Toilet water levels
The water level in the toilet bowl may appear to be lower than usual. When you flush the toilet the water may rise and then slowly drain away. One of the best ways to tell where the problem lies is to see if your neighbours are also having issues with their pipes. If not, it is likely that your drain is blocked. 

Slow draining water
You may experience slow draining water in your sink, bath or shower. This happens because the blockage is stopping the water flowing through the pipes as normal. Depending on what is blocked in the pipes, the water has to filter through the blockage. Over time the blockage will worsen, and anything flowing through the pipe, such as food scraps and hair, will be unable to pass the obstruction, only adding to the already imminent blockage. 

A Blocked Drain in Burwood can cause Bad Smells

Over time the items that become trapped behind the blockage begin to break down and decompose and the water becomes stagnant. This causes a foul smell around any affected drains, sinks and toilets. It may appear even worse when the taps are turned on. 

Noisy/gurgling drains
Any bath, sink or shower affected by a blocked drain, may create a gurgling noise as the water struggles to drain away. This can be grease, soap, oil and food. Because of the build-up, it can then affect how quickly your water can drain.

It is important that you contact a plumber as soon as possible to arrange an inspection of your drain to diagnose any possible blockages. Any blockage left untreated will result in unsanitary water overflowing from your sinks, in your bath and toilets. A blockage can quickly go from being a small problem to an emergency in a matter of days. The team at CRK plumbing can easily find and clear a blocked drain in Burwood, resolving your blocked drains problems quickly and efficiently.

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