Hot Water Systems Burwood

CRK Plumbing offers quality hot water systems to homes and offices in Burwood and surrounding suburbs. 



Hot Water Systems in Burwood

The team at CRK Plumbing have over 20 years’ experience installing and repairing gas, electric and solar hot water systems. As professional and licensed plumbers, we can quickly identify the source of the issue and repair your hot water system, regardless of the model or brand. We supply, service, install and perform maintenance on all brands, types and sizes of hot water heaters. 

Our team are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and parts, allowing us to repair the damage or install a new hot water system the same day, working with you to choose the correct sized hot water system to best suit your needs, ensuring efficiency and savings on energy and costs. when choosing CRK Plumbing, we guarantee you will never be left without hot water

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We Service And Repair All Types Of Hot Water Systems

Electric Hot Water

Electric hot water is a popular choice among homeowners. They are easy to replace and maintain with low installation cost. Your electric hot water can be installed either indoors or outdoors, consisting of a water tank, which heats the amount of water needed for household use.

For a four-person household, you will need a 125L to 160L tank, for a larger family we recommend a 250L to 315L tank.

Hot Water Burwood

Gas Hot Water Systems

There are two types of gas hot water solutions, ones that that run on LPG and those that run on natural gas. Most people choose gas hot water systems that run on natural gas it is more affordable than LPG, however both should be taken into consideration.

Gas hot water systems are smaller than electric ones but have higher installation costs. Installation usually takes place outside and can be completed in less than three hours. They run efficiently and are ideal for homeowners who need regular, daily hot water supply.

Gas Hot Water System Burwood

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems use solar panels to heat the water. Compared to other hot water services, they give you the most energy efficient solution, saving you on your gas and electricity bills, however, they also have the highest upfront installation costs. The solar system can be installed alongside the solar panels on either the roof or at ground level.

Most people prefer their solar water heaters installed at ground level to avoid the additional costs required to properly prepare the roof and it also provides easier access to the system during regular maintenance and service repairs.

Hot Water in Burwood


When it comes to the integrity of your home, we believe you should never take chances. Family owned and operated we have been servicing homes and businesses in Burwood for over 20 years, best known for our friendly, fast and reliable services, specialising in drain blockages, bathroom renovations and hot water system replacement and installation. 


Our fully certified, experienced and insured plumbers use only the latest and most up to date technologies, fixing your plumbing issue with quality fittings and parts sourced from warranty backed leading brands.


So whether you require general home plumbing repairs, servicing of drain backups and clogs, preventative inspections and maintenance, or emergency plumbing services, you can trust the team at CRK plumbing will deliver the highest quality plumbing solutions to your home or business for the best price possible, every time, guaranteed.