More often than not, all a hot water system needs to ensure it functioning perfectly is a simple service. If you need to replace your hot water system in Burwood, then CRK Plumbing can help. There comes a point in every hot water system’s life where it needs to be replaced. So how do you tell the difference between a hot water system that just needs to be fixed and one that’ needs to be replaced?

The age of the hot water system
Hot water systems usually last around 8 to 12 years. If your hot water system has reached 15-20 years old and has started to become noisy when in use and failing to give you the hot water you need. It’s safe to say you will need a hot water system replacement. 

The water isn’t hot enough
One of the first signs you might notice when your hot water system is due to be replaced or repaired is your showers often turning cold halfway through. Or failing to heat up at all. Sometimes, a faulty thermostat or a broken heating element may be the cause. Have a plumber reset or replace the thermostat can improve the situation almost immediately. 

A hissing or sizzling noise coming from the tank
When your hot water system makes a lot of noise, it’s often a sign that it’s time to be replaced. If the noise is due to a leak, which can be easily identified by a skilled plumber, it’s time for your hot water system to be replaced. However, a hissing or sizzling noise might just be the cause of a faulty relief valve. Having a plumber check this for you ensures it is replaced by the correct type of valve with the correct pressure rating. 

Replace your Hot Water System in Burwood

Rust around the fittings Could mean you need to replace your Hot Water System in Burwood

Corrosion around your hot water system’s fittings means you most likely have a leak. A quick fix is to try tightening the fittings. However this is usually only a quick fix and eventually you will to need to replace the fittings. More often than not if rust us present your hot water system will need to be replaced. So it’s best to call a plumber to take a look at it for you and assess what needs to be done. 

So, if turns out that the best option is to completely replace your hot water system. The biggest decision you’ll need to make when choosing your new hot water system is the heating method. Whether it be electric, gas, or solar. There are a wide range of hot water systems available that could lower your energy bill. Plus reduce the amount of greenhouse gas you produce. Both the heating method and the size of your hot water system could have an effect on how much you pay.

For the best advice and proper install of your new hot water system contact at CRK plumbing. Will be happy to give you advice that best suits you and your family’s needs